»We help you to constantly keep competitors, 
products, market trends, market opportunities
and potentials in mind and prepare decisions.«

How do we monitor?

In ​​the monitoring area, we provide you with specially developed tools so you can continuously monitor your market, competitors, suppliers or customers. Or we carry out continuous observations for you.

We developed our CedClipping for our own Competitor Monitoring. In order to continuously receive valuable information about the market and the market players directly from the source, eg your sales organization or your customers, the CedMarketInsider is available to you. 

With our CedInstalledBase , you can continuously calculate and link information about installed products (eg machines, devices, software) with your customers.

When we take over the monitoring for you, it is important to us that we generate additional value for your company through systematic data collection and linking as well as targeted analyzes.

For us, this means that each of our project steps is tailored to your specific needs. Depending on your question, we use different primary and / or secondary methods to collect, evaluate and interpret data. We use our tools.

With the help of our many years of experience in strategic marketing and management, we then derive recommendations for your company from the results.

Our monitoring - your advantages

  • Market and Competitor Monitoring
  • Competitive products and prices to support sales
  • Marketing mix and sales channels of the competition with their own in order to derive efficient marketing measures