»We have collected our many
years of experience and expertise
in an efficient direction.«

What does our CedDecider offer you?

Market Intelligence is an ongoing process for us to gain market knowledge from relevant data, providing the best possible security for decisions.

In order to continuously collect, analyze and present information, we have developed the Market Intelligence System - the CedDecider. It is the compressed result of our many years of experience in strategic marketing and the development of software in different companies and industries.

With just one click you get a comprehensive overview of the entire market situation. This enables you to create safe market forecasts and forecasts, and thus identify future developments at an early stage, or to analyze current information on the competition or your customers for this. The special feature of CedDecider is that it combines data collection with common analysis tools and is not just a database, but rather a control tool that you can use at any time without special knowledge


Pre-installed and expandable modules

  • Environment and Industry: Macroeconomic indicators of the country and the market (eg. current and timelike consumer behavior), Branchentrends and News
  • Market: market size and potential, market segmentation, market shares
  • Competition: Clipping of all market participants, competition profiles and maps, product comparisons
  • Customers: Key figures and classification of the top customers
  • Company: Key facts and KPI, target-actual comparison
  • Analysis: predefined analyzes (eg SWOT, market analysis, performance analysis)
  • Etc. 

Highlights of CedDecider

Automatic data updates: The CedDecider automatically handles essential parts of the data maintenance for you. According to established rules, algorithms and sources, CedDecider independently updates market information! Of course, you can also import your data from CedDecider (eg via the upload from Excel spreadsheets or via interfaces to existing systems) or enter manually.

No matter in which form or where the data is located (eg central, decentralized), the CedDecider compiles it by means of an automatic mapping and structures it according to your company-specific market processing. The CedDecider recognizes missing or incorrect data and warns accordingly. 

Intelligent analysis: Common analysis tools like the SWOT, profiling or market potential analyzes are already integrated into the CedDecider. This saves you a lot of time and gives you the assurance that the analysis takes place on a sound data basis.

Convincing results eg as a download in your company presentation: With one click your results are presented on slides. You determine which data sources are read, which design master is used and which diagram types are used. Changes or recalculations, as is often the case in planning and budget processes, are automatically adjusted in the presentation

Your benefits with CedDecider:

  • Get an up-to-date overview of the market environment, competition and customers
  • Recognize future developments through sound market forecasts
  • Develop and implement suitable strategies
  • Customer and supplier relationships
  • Optimize your own performance
  • Worldwide access to uniform data in real time
  • Cross-country with "differentiated rights"
  • Flexibly adaptable to your requirements - as a single module or as a complete system

A demo version configured for you free of charge!

We would like to introduce CedDecider to you live. For this we will configure a demo version with first company-specific data. Just contact us!