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15.07.2019 - Internationally active machine manufacturer for the packaging and food industry relies on continuous market monitoring and the expertise of Cedura GmbH in the long term. . The company with a turnover of more than one billion euros and more than...

5000 employees take a detailed look at the market size of the relevant market, the associated market participants as well as developments in technologies, customer industries, customer requirements and sales potential in new business and service. The comprehensive analysis package includes primary and secondary research as well as the processing, calculation, derivation and verification of historical and future market data.

This provides our clients with up-to-date and detailed market transparency, among other things:


  • Current market size of the relevant market and the individual market segments
  • Market shares incl. competitors global and regional
  • Market forecast of the individual segments and regions for the next three years
  • Changes in global and regional customer needs
  • Determination of potential of future sales and turnover (segmented portfolio)
  • Subdivision of all market data from plants, machines and components to service potentials
  • Continuous observation of the competition
  • Identification of the largest potential customers
  • Macroeconomic changes and country-specific regulations
  • Forecast of the development of the customer industries to be supplied
  • Numerous analyses and evaluations

The long-term partnership with Cedura has also created the greatest possible automation in continuous data processing, so that even special topics and ad-hoc analyses can be created quickly on the basis of the latest market data.

15.05.2019 - Global technology group with presence in over 80 countries relies on CedDecider to create continuous market transparency in the long term. Cedura met the highest requirements in terms of flexibility and quality when it came to...

Consolidation and analysis of information in over 50 individual market segments

A permanent observation of the competition, the definition and mapping of market sizes and the future developments of markets and market requirements were in the foreground.

"The biggest challenge in implementing our Market Intelligence solution was to map a conglomerate with a very diverse organizational structure, countless competitors from niche providers to global players and the corresponding number of impulse markets in detail without losing track of the big picture", describes Sascha Dongowski, Managing Director of Cedura GmbH.

It was also exciting to link data from the most diverse sources with the most diverse nomenclatures.

Today, our client is in a position to

  • Perform competitive analyses at all market segment levels at the push of a button and transparently track corporate structures and changes.
  • Analyse individual markets in detail and identify potential at an early stage
  • Perform detailed benchmarking at all hierarchical and geographical levels

Through the long-term partnership with Cedura, the greatest possible automation in the continuous data collection was also created, so that in the coming years, too, a push of a button will suffice for a current market analysis.

15.09.2019 - Cedura at the Research & Results in Munich. Market influences are changing rapidly. Most companies are aware of this. But what does that mean in concrete terms? Those who know their markets, competitors and customer needs exactly and keep an eye on them at all times can......

make strategic corporate decisions safely and, above all, at an early stage. But many markets are too individual, too fast-moving or too inconsistent - it is not easy to observe them as closely and consistently as possible. In these cases, well thought-out automatisms and targeted information technologies can help, without which it is hardly possible to keep a constant eye on the market today. This is precisely where CEDURA GmbH comes in with its industry-independent market intelligence solutions. The Bochum team of experts from the areas of market research and software development, established in 2005, provides its clients with detailed market transparency through the use of CedDecider and thus provides them with decision-relevant market knowledge. "Only those who know their corporate environment and their market environment best and observe them continuously," explains Managing Director Sascha Dongowski, "can act in line with market requirements. For example, this transparency serves to identify new customer needs, open up new markets, occupy niches and, above all, to avoid being surprised by competitors or unknown market developments.

Each company has its own relevant market 

"Numerous companies are still of the opinion that their services and portfolio elements are too individual for precise market analysis or can only be carried out with the appropriate industry knowledge. Customers often also tell us that the required level of detail of information is not available," Dongowski continues. To refute these assumptions is the greatest motivation for the CEDURA team. It is often less problematic to find information, but rather to define the decisive ones among them and to break them down within the surplus of information in such a way that only the relevant information actually remains. This is a central task of the Market Intelligence solution, which has been developed by the Bochum-based company since 2010 and is used by many midmarket companies and subsidiaries. As a basis for creating detailed market transparency, CEDURA uses all available and usable information and data. Some of this information is already available to customers and is integrated, but most of it is automatically collected, enriched and processed by CEDURA's solutions using intelligent search algorithms. "With our CedDecider, we not only provide an analysis tool, but also generate most of the data automatically. In this way, we create the foundation to not only support our customers once with a market analysis, but above all to equip them with current market transparency in the future as well," says the CEDURA managing director, naming the company's unique selling proposition.

Module selection and price depend on requirements  Meaningful and fair: To ensure that a customer only receives the results or the knowledge he actually needs for his decision-making, individual decider modules and their content can be flexibly used and combined. The price model is as demand-oriented as CEDURA's solutions. "We make it possible to monitor an individual competitor as well as a complete market monitoring, and the monthly access costs are also designed accordingly". Free demo with real data provides insight into the system  So that interested companies can experience the benefits of the CedDecider in practice, the Bochum-based company will act according to its motto "BE SURE.DECIDE" and offer free demo versions with customer-relevant market data. This year, CEDURA GmbH will present its solutions for the first time at the Research & Results trade fair, which will take place in Munich on 23 and 24 October. Anyone wishing to gain an insight into the market situation of their company is most welcome at the CEDURA stand or can request a demo CedDecider directly from the company.  

15.03.2019 - Food industry. Cedura carries out market, competition and potential analyses and ensures continuous market transparency. An internationally active, renowned provider of innovative solutions and services for the optimisation of...

Food production processes relies on Cedura GmbH for the continuous analysis of the European market.

  • Following a comprehensive analysis of the relevant markets and market segments, the client was provided with detailed transparency:
  • Volume and attractiveness of the market
  • upcoming market developments
  • Main competitors and competitors in special sectors
  • Requirements and needs of the defined target groups
  • Potential customers and their requirements

In order to continue to use the knowledge gained continuously in the future, the results of the analysis are managed in the Market Intelligence Suite "CedDecider" and updated and evaluated "at the touch of a button".

15.01.2019 - Continuous market monitoring. Cedura implements continuous competition, product and price monitoring at one of the world's largest mineral oil and natural gas companies based on our Market-Intelligence Software "CedDecider"

The automatic content generation takes place twice a day, so that our client receives a detailed market overview at the push of a button.

All analyses are carried out on a half-day basis in all market segments and sales regions, right down to individual product groups and articles.   

By using the "CedSlideshow-Generator", extensive presentations in the client's corporate design can be easily exported and adapted.

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