»Cedura - a word creation 
of our founding team.«

Where are we anchored?

We come from Bochum and use the special location advantages of the most densely populated region of Germany in the middle of the Ruhr area - and since 2005.

Cedura is a creative word creation of our founding team - based on the Spanish term "Cuenca del Ruhr" for the Ruhr area and the Latin adjective form "dura" for lasting and permanent.

In the Ruhr area we are at home, here our heart beats and from here we offer our services to companies throughout Germany and Europe ... Worldwide. For us the Ruhr area is the ideal location to continue our growth.

You are very welcome to visit us.

Here we are at home:

Cedura GmbH
Lyrenstraße 13
44866 Bochum

Tel.:  +49 2327 903 21 - 0
Fax.: +49 2327 903 21 - 62