»We create market transparency.
Also in the niche. Also in detail."«
Sascha Dongowski, Cedura GmbH

About us

Cedura GmbH uses Market Intelligence to give your company transparency and targeted recommendations for the establishment and expansion of markets and target groups. 

We combine long-term expertise in market research and strategic management with comprehensive expertise in software development. As a result, we are not only an accurate analyst, but also a forward-looking and solution-oriented business partner and consultant. 

Our claim "BE SURE. DECIDE. " 

We systematically collect data on framework conditions, market structures, market actors (competitors, customers, suppliers) and your company and consolidate a valuable data base. These are analyzed using common methods and recommendations for action. The results will be presented to you. This opens up new perspectives and possibilities for you and gives you the best possible decision-making security in your actions - in a very targeted and up-to-date, systematic and permanent way. 

How successful we are creating detailled market transparency is demonstrated by numerous satisfied customers and well-known references. Expand your markets and target groups with us



Your benefits at Cedura:

  • Detailed market transparency and therefore decision-making possibilities based on a sound data base
  • To access many years of experience in different companies
  • Use strong competences - eg from the areas of market research, sales, corporate development, marketing, design and implementation
  • Give total project management into competent hands